Below are some of the comments weve received from people about StudyMarks:

“I picked one up at the Cohoes SDA Church in NY state. Great!! Thank you and God bless this work!!”—NY

“Hi, Wanted to let you know I’m using your StudyMarks to witness by.”—US

“Do you plan to make more with different Bible study subjects? I just love them and I am going to order bunches of them! Keep up the good work.”—MN

“I am the manager of a bookstore and would like to carry your bookmarks. Please send me the information I need to do this.”—IL

“Hi, I saw a packet of your StudyMarks at a friend’s house….Great idea.”—US

“Thank you for the beautiful StudyMarks I received at GYC. May the Lord bless your ministry.”—US

“I am wondering about those beautiful Bible Study book marks Steve has designed. I have asked … about sending some over for us to have available at camp meetings. I really like them… Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the book marks. There are still a few more Bible topics to cover so keep them coming. God bless you.”—Australia

“I was just checking to see if there are any new sets of the StudyMarks that are being produced. They are a great witnessing tool & my fellow church members & I have been having a wonderful time passing them out.”—J.F.